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    A complete business identity reborn!!!
    Dining On-Call came to me right after being incorpoated and sought a new look to their website. I jumped at the opportunity to bring the this creative business to the point where they could be proud of their web prowess. Today they are in the process of leading in their field of business!

    Fully functional web advertising!!!

    This design is a concept for an idea that is currently being worked on here through the-d-style.com where I am setting up an initial to pitch for the local advertisement market in west palm beach. There is a need for small business promoters to post have their venues on a platform that has the style and charm that's needed to bring in the desired crowds.

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"Darius of The-D-Style Graphic Solutions is by far the most talented Director of Print & Online Media Design I have ever met. He has a passion for his work that is very much so uncanny. He took a website that was an absolute horror to navigate at Sancilio and created 3 wonderful sites that are generating revenue everyday from what I am seeing. He has the ability to enhance any organization he is apart of while maintaining a strong business with the-d-style.com. I recommend Darius to any corporation who is looking to increase revenue and needs hard-working people to improve their multi-media prowess." - Store Manager