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We Believe You Can Not Stand By Something You Have Not Tried! Start with our starter package as a member and work your way through our services to see what exactly will work with out a shadow of a doubt for your dining lifestyle or your business structure.

Our prices:

  • Dining Starter$75 
  • Dining Connoisseur$130 
  • Dining Professional$250 
  • Dine-In For Two$95 
  • Dine-Out For Two$60 
  • Home Dining Makeover$95 
  • Catered Select For Two$145 
  • Catered Select For Twenty$337 
  • Catered Select For Hundred$745 
  • Kitchen Space Per Hour$95 
  • Kitchen Space Per Day$450 
  • Food Delivery Per Hour$37 
  • Food Delivery Per Day$278 
  • Employee TrainingTBD 
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