REAL History Black American's Struggle To Be Treated Equal.
Down Never Out Knowledge is the power that allows African-Americans to rise.
NEW Freedom The Strength To Overcome Comes From Within.
TELLING HISTORY NOT "HIS STORY" COMES AT A COST A gripping journey of one man's stuggle through a racially bruised America.


Entering the army at the mere age of 18 can seem scary but, when WWII called fright had to leave.

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Discriminating factors

Laws can change systems and the way one acts, but sometimes, one cannot change another's mindset.

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Decisions & Expectations

My desire was to go to where I felt lead to move and reach a position that I could make a larger difference.

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The Dodd effect

Senator Thomas Dodd sent the contents of my civil rights concerns to president John F. Kennedy

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Intellectually Persecuted

At a time in the history of the United States of America when racial prejudice and segregation gripped the heart of our nation, Dr. Marshall Jenkins was an educational leader trying to make a difference. In spite of all those who were determined to make sure he would not succeed, he persevered. It was his persistence, love of people, plus his deep faith in God that he was able to help thousands improve their lives.


As an army veteran integrity is just one of the key traits of the doctor.

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As a key member to his community Dr. Jenkins provides all he can.

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The kind of conversations you can expect from our author are inspiring.

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Dr. Jenkins tells how a black professional's in the US truly is.

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Featured Awards

Award Of Service OcTober 1994

Prestigous award for help in minority enterprise development and was given with appreciation.

Electrical Award April 1985

One of the top construction industry awards to be given in the year of 1985.

Community Award FAMU Alumni of PBC

Outstanding work in the community and excellenct service plus contribution to FAMU.

Congratulations Completion Letter

A letter of congratulations from one of the elite generals of the US Army for great service.