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Team Details

Robert E. Adelson, CPA
- Education: Undergraduate B.S. at the University Of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
- Master's Degree, Business Administration, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
- Post Graduate: Accounting, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Licenses: Certified Public Accountant (Florida and Michigan)

Diane S. Adelson
- Education: Undergraduate Degree in Education Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
- Master's Degree In Education Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
- Licenses: Florida Real Estate Broker

About Tax Service Help

Tax Advice provides at no cost to our clients, a courier service. For our clients located in Broward and Palm Beach counties. This takes care of a major concern for our local clients--"How do I get my accounting information to my accountant?" The courier is an inhouse employee who is a long time trusted member of our firm. We control the transfer of information from the client to our office under strict confidential procedures. At the beginning of each month our dispatcher will call the client scheduling a day and time for "client pick-up" For other clients located outside of the courier's route, we provide overnight Federal Express service. For those client's who wish to download their information via e-mail we have the skill to receive these transmissions and process the information.

Tax Advice prides itself on providing individual personal attention to our clients. Our senior accountants will make certain that all of the required accounting information is accurate and in good order. We will do what ever is necessary to communicate with the client, cell phone, land phone, and e-mail or fax. Our staff is relentless and compulsive in our drive to make certain that we have all the necessary information and that the client is in compliance with all tax filing requirements, Federal, State, and Local. There is never a client complaint, we always return client phone calls immediately. Client communication is the key to a successful accountant/client relationship.

Tax Advice processes the client's work on a monthly basis. Journals are encoded into our accounting software; checks and bank debits, cash received and bank deposits reconciled; banks reconciled and variances between client balance and actual balance noted and mailed to client after processing the work. Adjusting journal entries are made, such as but not limited to depreciation and payroll taxes and a full set of books is prepared for the client with index tabs: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Trial Balances, Payroll and Employee Earning Records, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, and Adjusting Journal Entries. The client's complete set of "books" and all the original accounting documents are then returned to the client on a timely basis.

The best aspect of Tax Advice is being able to answer a client's questions about taxes or financial events. Once Tax Advice is familiar with a client's financial and tax circumstances, a professional answer to a client's question is promptly provided. Our clients feel that this is a valuable tool. Being able to give direction to a client question and assist in any business problem resolution.

Our Executive Team

  • Bob Adelson

    Senior Accountant

  • Diane S. Adelson

    Office Supervisor