Our Services


    Unlimited discussion of the client's Accounting and Tax questions at our office or by phone.


    All of our practices ensure your information is completely safe and is filed in a format where every item has over several levels of clearance. We as business keep all Tax Forms and personal info in your file.


    1. Advise the subscriber of the new tax laws which affect his business.
    2. Review prior years' tax returns.

Exclusive Preparation Service

Comprehensive financial statements. Balance sheets, income statements, general ledger, trial balance, earnings records, cash receipts/sales journals, cash disbursement journals, and adjusting journal entries.

TAX PREPARATION (additional charge)
1. Corporation tax return
2. Partnership tax return
3. Limited liability company tax return
4. Individual income tax return
5. Non-profit corporate tax return

Additional Service: Representation before Taxing Authorities at the agent level. Additional fee to be charged if audit is a result of clients delinquency or relating to an incident occurring prior to the date of this agreement. RETURN OF ALL CLIENTS BOOKS AND RECORDS
All client records are returned each month after processing; bank reconcilements; sales tax returns, monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax returns, work papers, and year-end tax returns. Client's original records are returned along with file copies of all tax returns. Tax Advice does not retain any originals of the client's books, records, or tax returns. FREE COURIER SERVICE
Tax Advice employs a courier who works exclusively for tax advice. The problem of sending/receiving accounting information to your client has been solved without the risk of the U.S. Mails, at no additional cost to the client.