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Tequila is a very unique and exceptional drink like no other in the world. It is the fascinating product of two different cultures. For centuries, the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico used to drink the fermented juice of the Agave plant for religious and curative purposes. They did not know fermentation. It was until the Spanish came to Mexico that the fermented juice of the Agave plant was put into distillation. That is how tequila was born in the XVIII century. It is the authentic product of two cultures.

Tequila is made of one specific type of the agave plant: the Agave Tequilana Weber, blue variety. There are many different varieties of the agave plant in Mexico. But tequila is made only from the BLUE AGAVE, only one variety.

It takes eight to twelve years for a blue agave to reach full maturity. This could mean that Anejo tequila is likely to have been through 16 years to be produced. Once the plant is cut and harvested it's gone forever. You have to plant a new one again to harvest again in eight to twelve years time.

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