What Is The Zone?

A HIGH INTESITY INTERVAL TRAINING program offered at PREMIER HEALTH & FITNESS in Hallandale Beach, FL. Each SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION is monitored by a PROFESSIONAL COACH and the MY ZONE HEARTRATE SYSTEM which allows you to see in real time, on big screens, your personal level of physical exertion.

All the ZONE SESSIONS are structured to provide INNOVATIVE AND CHALLENGING workouts throughout the week. The science behind the workout allows it to fit all levels of fitness.

Workout sessions that create Heart Rate Based Interval Training as well as the raw ability to be able to burn 500 - 1000 calories. We provide the methodology to be able to lose weight fast with consecutive training sessions. We bring you to the ZONE. You will love the results!!!

We strive to provide a higher standard

One of the benefits of our apparatuses is that they can be used for multiple types of exercises. For instance, the large exercise ball is not only good for doing abdominal exercises, but it can also be laid on to stretch back muscles.